Sweldong Pinoy in 2020

Last year, we released some new features and other updates to our apps.

Sweldong Pinoy for Self-Employed Individuals

We've added computations for Self-Employed Individuals. You just need to select "Self-Employed Individual" in the employment type, and the app will compute the contributions for SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund, tax, and other contributions, and your net pay.

sweldongpinoy.com updated with computations for Self-Employed

Budget Pinoy for Everyone

We have updated Budget Pinoy for Everyone. The web and Android app now have a dropdown for employment type. Users can select their employment type, and the app will update the deductions and asking rate accordingly.

Budget Pinoy Android app with Employment Type drop-down

New Thirteenth Month

With the new Thirteenth Month, users can now input their salaries from January to December to compute their thirteenth-month pay. If users have the same salary for the year, they can select "My salary is the same for the whole year" and provide the salary, starting/ending week/month like before. The text fields for the months will be automatically filled up.

You can now provide your salaries per month or select My salary is the same for the whole year

Sweldong Pinoy for 2021/Budget Pinoy for 2021

Sweldong Pinoy and Budget Pinoy were also updated to use the new contribution rates for SSS and PhilHealth starting 2021. In the initial release, we added a dropdown so you can choose the current (2020) or upcoming (2021) rates.

Sweldong Pinoy for 2021

Other Updates

A share button has been added to the web app for users to share their results on supported browsers.

Sweldong Pinoy Share button; Chrome on Pixel 2

A live chat widget has also been added to the web apps for real-time user support.

Chatra for Sweldong Pinoy

To 2021 and beyond!

Thank you to everyone who uses Sweldong Pinoy and sends us feedback. We're looking forward to adding more features and enhancements to our apps. If you have comments, suggestions, or messages to us, please feel free to contact us by email, Facebook Messenger, or with the Chatra app on our website. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more updates.