Budget Pinoy for Everyone

Budget Pinoy is a tool for Filipinos in finding out how much their asking salary should be based on their budget. The app will even tell you how much to save per category per pay day.

After you provide your Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annnual budgets, the app will compute and display the asking rate you need to earn enough for your total budget. This uses the contributions and taxes for a "Private Employee" by default.

We have now added a dropdown for employment type so users can select their employment type instead of the default. When you change the employment type, the app will update the deductions and asking rate accordingly. This update is available now at https://www.budgetpinoy.com and on version 1.1 of the Budget Pinoy Android app (which is rolling out now).

budgetpinoy.com on mobile browser with the employment type drop-down

Budget Pinoy Android app with Employment Type drop-down

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