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Sweldong Pinoy in 2014

It has been a great year for Sweldong Pinoy! There were major and minor updates to the apps and we released a new app. Computation Updates The year started with increases in the deductions for PhilHealth and SSS contributions based from PhilHealth Circular 27 s.2013 and SSS Circular 2013-010 . Sweldong Pinoy apps were updated on January 4 to compute the new deductions based on these new tables. Android Tablet App After a bit of delay, the tablet-optimized version of the Sweldong Pinoy Android app has been released . Swedong Pinoy Android App on a 7-inch tablet Sweldong Pinoy for Government Employees Sweldong Pinoy was updated for Government employees. Instead of SSS deductions, what the government employees have is GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) contributions. Government employees will just select "Government Employee" in the Employment Type and the app will compute the GSIS contribution instead of the SSS contribution, other deductions,