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Budget Pinoy (Beta)

Need help in budgetting your salary? Want to find out what your asking rate is depending on your projected expenses and budget? We have developed an app that can help you! Budget Pinoy is a tool for Filipinos in computing gross and net pay based on user's budget. Users can input their target savings and projected expenses in the Budget Tab. They can also use the expenses tab to check expenses. The recommendation tab will show the asking rate that the user needs to be able to earn enough for the target budget. It will also show the net pay and deductions, computed using Sweldong Pinoy, based on the asking rate. We're also working with different financial institutions to give you relevant tips to help you in your finances, based on your budget. This will be coming soon in a future update. Try Budget Pinoy at  and let us know how we can improve the app to help you more in your budgetting ne