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New Thirteenth Month

It's (almost) Christmas! One of the things Filipinos look forward to this time is the thirteenth month pay. Almost six years ago , we developed a tool for Filipinos in computing their 13th-month pays called Thirteenth Month . With the Thirteenth Month app, users can input their salary and find out around how much their Thirteenth Month Pay will be. In the initial version, they need to provide the monthly salary and their starting month and ending month. We then added an option to provide starting and ending weeks to be more accurate. This works if you have the same salary year round. However, this is not always the case in real life. People get salary increases or sometimes move to another job with a higher pay. Now, users can input their salaries from January to December. If they have the same salary for the year, they can select " My salary is the same for the whole year " and provide the salary, starting/ending week/month like before. The text fields for the mo