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Sweldong Pinoy for Minimum Wage Earners and Other Updates

Sweldong Pinoy for Minimum Wage Earners One of the requested features for Sweldong Pinoy is to update the app for employees earning minimum wage. Pursuant to Republic Act No. 9504, minimum wage earners are exempted to tax. Now, our apps will not deduct withholding taxes for employees earning minimum wage if you select "Minimum Wage Employee" in the Employee Type before computing your salary. Other Updates Aside from Sweldong Pinoy for Minimum Wage Earners, we also have some other updates for Sweldong Pinoy: For employees with daily pays, you can now provide the actual number of days and the app will compute your salary based on this instead of the previous default of 20. This is because not everyone works for 20 days in a given month. We have also improved the computation for the hourly and daily rates which are being used in salary computation, like the night differential and overtime pays. The apps now compute night differential based on number of hours inst