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Sweldong Pinoy in 2021

Sweldong Pinoy is a salary calculator for Filipinos in computing net pay, withholding taxes and contributions to SSS/GSIS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG. Here are the updates we have released this year for Sweldong Pinoy, Budget Pinoy, and Thirteenth Month. Deferring PhilHealth Contribution Increase Contributions for SSS and PhilHealth have increased but for PhilHealth, it was deferred . We have immediately updated all our apps after the announcement. Sweldong Pinoy and Budget Pinoy for 2022 Contributions for PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG Fund are increasing in 2022 . The Android and web apps of Sweldong Pinoy and Budget Pinoy has been updated. A dropdown was added so users can choose and compare between the current or upcoming rates. Other Updates There have been a few updates focusing on design and performance updates to the apps. Looking forward to 2022 Thank you to everyone who uses Sweldong Pinoy apps and sends us feedback. We're looking forward to adding more features