UHC: PhilHealth Contribution Increase

On February 2019, the Universal Health Care Act (Republic Act No. 11223) was signed into law. It will automatically cover all Filipinos in the National Health Insurance Programme (NHIP). There will be additional health benefits to members. However, the law will also mean increases to the PhilHealth contributions from 2.75% in 2019 to 5% in 2024.

Just recently, PhilHealth released Circular 2019-009 announcing the new premium contribution schedule effective December 7, 2019.

Source: https://twitter.com/teamphilhealth/status/1200200278508625922

We have updated https://www.sweldongpinoy.com to use the new rates. Version 4.2 of the Sweldong Pinoy Android app, which has the updated computation, is also rolling out now.

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