Dark Theme on Android

Along with updating the Sweldong Pinoy Android app for the PhilHealth Contribution Increase, we spent a bit of time adding some redesigns and Dark Theme support. Dark Theme improves visibility for users with low vision and sensitivity to bright light, makes devices easier to use at night or in low-light environments, and can reduce battery usage for some devices.

Android 10 has a new global system setting for Dark Theme. The Sweldong Pinoy app will automatically follow this System default settings. To change the theme, go to the Overflow Menu (⋮) on the top-right of the screen to open the Settings Screen. On the Theme preference, choose Dark. You can also use these steps to change it into Light or back to System default.

For older versions and on supported devices, the app will default to Dark Theme when Battery Saver is enabled. You can change it to Light, Dark, or Set by Battery Saver.

Below are screenshots of how the app looks now with Light and Dark Theme:

Main Screen

Output Screen

This is available on the recently released version 4.2. The Dark Theme still not final. We'll continue to improve the designs for both Light and Dark Themes. Future versions of Thirteenth Month and Budget Pinoy apps will include Dark Theme. We're also experimenting on adding Dark Theme support on our web apps. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the design and experience, feel free to message us soon.


  1. Hi Jomar, I made a calculation based on Excel and the result is different from above 90k basic pay with regards to w/tax. I wonder what was the difference.

    Here is a sample of my computation at 95k basic pay;

    Basic - 95,000.00
    SSS - 800.00
    Philhealth - 687.50
    Pag-ibig - 100
    W/Tax - 20,356.98

    1. Hello tantrums! We're using the TRAIN law and factoring in the annual salary + 13th month for the computation of withholding tax. As different companies have their different ways of deducting taxes (and sometimes refunding them), your actual deductions might be different.

    2. Oh, ok. I got it. I forgot to factor that the excess in 90k in the 13th month will be taxable.

      Thanks Jomar.


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