Sweldong Pinoy in 2015

Most of the changes to Sweldong Pinoy this year was on performance improvements and design enhancements. Here are some of the updates to Sweldong Pinoy throughout 2015.

Sweldong Pinoy Updates

We have released Sweldong Pinoy for Minimum Wage Earners on April. Our apps our apps will no longer deduct withholding taxes for employees earning minimum wage if you select "Minimum Wage Employee" in the Employee Type.

Other updates:
  • For employees with daily pays, you can now provide the actual number of days and the app will compute your salary based on this instead of the previous default of 20. This is because not everyone works for 20 days in a given month.
  • We have also improved the computation for the hourly and daily rates which are being used in salary computation, like the night differential and overtime pays.
  • The apps now compute night differential based on number of hours instead of the days
  • Minor changes like moving compute button to right and clear button to the left

Thirteenth Month Updates

For Thirteenth Month, we had two updates to the apps: setting the ceiling for non-taxable thirteenth month to 82,000 pesos (pursuant to Republic Act No. 10653, which was approved on February 12, 2015) and computing for thirteenth-month pay based on the actual weeks inputted by the user.

Thirteenth Month Android (running on a 7" tablet)

Project X

We are also working on another project. It is still in its early stage and we will let you know about it soon!

Help us Improve Sweldong Pinoy

We are continuously updating and improving the app. If you have used or are using any of our apps, help us improve by filling up our survey at http://survey.sweldongpinoy.com. You may also contact us directly.